If you have a question about anything, you can email the lovely Steph who will sort you out.

Christmas shipping update!

I aim to get stuff shipped within a few days of ordering. For UK Christmas deliveries please order by Sunday 20th December. This still isn't absolutely guaranteed, it's just based on Royal Mail's guidelines.

For everywhere else in the world, I'm not professional enough to guarantee any arrival times for the rest of the year. Essentially, it gets there when it fucking gets there. If you're concerned about something arriving in time for Christmas, don't order from me, I'm an independent artist flogging bits of paper, I'm not twatting Amazon.


I aim to get things shipped within 4 days of receiving an order.
All orders are now shipped by a separate fulfilment company.

I'm afraid the global pandemic has fucked up post a bit so I'd really appreciate people being extra patient with shipping times during Covid-19. The waiting time for European orders is 4 weeks and 6-8 weeks for rest of world. Sit tight, try to refrain from sending me an email and I promise your art will turn up!

An extra note about shipping to the US - This route seems to be be experiencing severe delays at the moment I'm afraid. This could be due to Covid-19 but it could also be due to your President being an awful cunt.

I know some of you miss the hand drawn names and addresses I used to do on the packaging but I did 12,258 of them over 5 years and recently decided that I should spend more time doing 'art' and less time packing and shipping as it crept up over the years and ended up taking up about 90% of my time!

If you need something urgently and want to pick up from my studio in Farringdon, London, I do hold a little bit of stock of most things. Don't buy it online, drop me an email and we can arrange.